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Bonta was born in Bend, where adventure comes naturally. Tucked between the Cascade Mountains and the Deschutes River, we love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors. Back at the creamery, we mix farm-fresh, wholesome goodness into every scoop, to fuel any adventure big or small.

Goodness in 

every scoop

Our gelato tastes so darn good, because it’s made with farm-fresh, wholesome ingredients from down the road. From creamy Oregon milk to desert lavender and mountain hazelnuts, we source many ingredients from farmers, growers, and makers in the Northwest.

explore our flavors

the call of
the wild

We’re for people who feel the pull of the great outdoors. They’re the ones who set off on day-long adventures, savoring every second of sun with a melting scoop on their return. We think a life spent outdoors is a life well lived, and we help people celebrate every moment of it.

real good gelato, made by real people

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1% for the planet

We're proud to contribute 1% of our revenue to organizations supporting the people and places we love in the great outdoors.

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there’s a whole world out there.
pack your pint and go.

there’s a whole world out there.
pack your pint and go.